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Medicare Plans Made Easy At 1, 2, 3

Medicare can be exceedingly complicated and complex. The truth is, that Medicare and the insurance companies do very little to simplify the information. At Q&A Group we have conducted hundreds of Medicare workshops for numerous years all over Southern Arizona. We pride ourselves in being able to break through the maze of information and condense it into easily understandable information.

There are four parts to Medicare-

Medicare Part A is sometimes referred to as hospital insurance & covers medically necessary hospital services & care deemed as; services, tests, or materials needed, according to accepted standards of medicine, to prevent, diagnose or treat a malady.

Medicare Part B is sometimes referred to as medical insurance and covers certain physician services, outpatient care, medical supplies, and preventive care.

Part C is more commonly known as Medicare Advantage.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D) is very important. It provides coverage for prescription drugs which is offered under Medicare.

Medicare Supplement Plans

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